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Thread: Has anyone molded a touchpad into their console, etc?

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    Has anyone molded a touchpad into their console, etc?

    ... or will I be the first? I'm doing a lot of interior work on my car... and I remembered the ashtray area which is just to the bottom left of my shifter is kind of broken. I want to mold the touchpad into the ashtray cover, then fiberglass it shut so you can't even see there was a panel there. ($32 for a new ashtray that I dont care about, or perfect spot to control my car pc!?) It's just where my hand would be when at stoplights too, so its like a real comfortable location for changing music, etc

    Definately NOT my car, the panel I'm talking about is the yellow one on teh center console of this clown car. My interior is solid black..
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    fits like it was meant to be there.

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    I'm planning on molding one into the passenger side inner arm rest/door handle. I'm gonna do all the measurements/planning over spring break and then try to find the cheapest deal on a cirque easy cat or other model. Shouldn't be too hard, it's like molding a monitor into the dash but on a smaller scale, so it's a little easier I would think.
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