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Thread: Finished At Last !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Talking Finished At Last !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just a quick note to thank everyone on this forum for your help over the last few months. I finally finished the first incarnation of the install into my car last night, and spent a blissfull 4-5 hours driving around while at work today.
    When I think of how little this setup cost when compared to a 10 or 12 disk cd changer and how good it sounds, I cant help but smile.

    Protac TX PRO Motherboard
    On Board Sound & Video
    Cyrix 333mhx
    64 meg PC133 Ram
    Alpine CVA 1000e Display
    30gig Quantum HDD
    200 watt Invertor
    Custom Console with Track Ball Mouse.

    Thanks Again.

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    Congratulation and joing the club. Yep, it sure beats those damn CD changers and after market craps!. Anyway i can see u taking the long way home Good job, have any pics?

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    I'll say it first, wheres the pics! :]
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    how long does it take to boot, jsut outta curiosity>? and is it setup for dvd ar nav?

    i am really interested in buiilding one, but the control sems like it will be wierd to get al the functionality without a keyboard or mouse.

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    Rockstar, Im using Windows Millenium so it only takes about 30 - 40 seconds to boot, which isnt bad considering Win 98 took over a minute.
    DVD is still a consideration, but not for quite a while yet. When the thrill of 5000 different songs wears off I might consider it
    Navigation isnt an option as there aren't any software packages to suit Australia yet, that I know of.
    If you are only after an MP3 system, then you shouldn't need a full keyboard or mouse. Just buy an IRMan reciever from, or better yet make one.

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