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Thread: Electronic Heating Control Replacement?

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    Electronic Heating Control Replacement?

    Howdy, I'm just getting started putting my system together, but have a slight snag...I have a Dodge Dakota, and there's not a lot of dash space to mount a screen, UNLESS I were to find a way to replace the standard heating controls with something that can be controlled by the computer. I haven't pulled the control assembly apart yet, but I'm assuming it's standard vacuum actuators, which should be replaceable with electronic valves. Has anyone seen this done in the past? Any recommendations? Brave new frontier?
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    Yeah, there's a guy on this board that completely replaced his climate controls. You can use serial/parallel relay boards and servos to do just about anything.

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    you could try extending the vacuum lines and moving the controls somewhere else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by binary.h4x
    you could try extending the vacuum lines and moving the controls somewhere else.
    If his Dakota is anything like my Durango (I believe they are the same) there really isn't any other place to put the controls..

    Spoonman there are two options short of moving the AC/Heater controls..
    1) If you have an overhead console like I do just remove you rearview and add a 7inch LCD to the overhead.. That is what I plan to do and use a cam for a rearview.. If' use fiberglass/bondo to shape it and make it look like part of the console..

    2) Move the 12V/Lighter/Defrost/Rear wiper controls and have that indent as a pull out tray.. It would require some work but I think it would be sweet to have the LCD slide out of there and use the cutout as a face plate.. Once it was in it would be completely stealthed..

    Well those are the only two options I came up with, without moving the AC/Heater controls.. If you do come up with some servos/relay control system let me know.. I like the idea but wish they were electronically controled rather then vacuum..

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