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Thread: Lilliput cable extension, opus PSU drain

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    Lilliput cable extension, opus PSU drain

    ok. So I ran some 16 gaugewire from the battery (with a 10 amp in-line fuse right after the battery post) to my trunk into my 150w opus. Hooked it up to my computer, tested it, everything is on it's way except for a few things and I was hoping you all could assist me.

    1. I need suggestions on how to extend my video from the PC all the way to the front of the car. Obviously the cable that came with my lilliput isn't going to make it.

    2. I shut down the PC last night before I locked up my car, but my battery seemed like it was drained this morning. It cranked really wierd, and then it would barely idle for a while (I'm assuming until the alternator had a chance to do its job). I've never had any problems with this car, so I know it's gotta be related to the install. I didn't make any other mods to the car other than what i described above. Any suggestions? Was my opus draining the battery even though the PC was shut down?


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    When you installed the PC, did you remove the (-) from the car battery? If so, sometimes this resets your EMS (Engine Monitoring System). It takes a day or so for it to 'tune' itself during which you may find your car is sluggish. This is one possible explanation.

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    hmmm, yeah, I did remove the battery completely at one point to get to the rubber boot in the firewall that the wire harness passes through. I never knew that car computers had to re-adjust like that if power was taken away. Thanks, anyone else have feedback?

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