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Thread: 9 pin lilliput cable extension

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    9 pin lilliput cable extension

    I did some searching, and wanted to know if anyone knew if this is the right cable to extend the cable coming off the lilliput TS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer
    yep, that's the baby. well done a few of us have been looking all over for that.

    had to make one up myself
    Looky here! Din extensions for Lilliput Monitor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laidback

    Thanks, but if you notice, there is a link in that thread to another thread, and in that thread I already state that I have made one from bits, and suggested where to get the bits in the UK.

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    OK, some found some :-)

    I saw the first site, but they were only 6' long. The second post has 12' cables...perfect!

    Thanks guys, I did a search but neither of the above posts came up. Odd.

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