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Thread: this baord rocks

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    Post this baord rocks

    I had found the remote i wanted to use but lost the page it was exactly what i wanted it was the x10 mouse remote but unfortunatly i couldn't for the life of me find the page again i saw someone talking about it in another topic and searched it out in the message board low and behold i found it thanks guys this has got to be one of the most usefull places to get any info that is needed for this product three chears for all that run and host this place!!!!

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    Ahhhh... Another satisfied customer


    Using Napster, Imesh (scratch that one soon), Scour Gnutella and Freenet to load up my MP3-ized WebSurferPro... in my '96 Civic, of course :}
    BC ROCKS!!!
    **Update - WSPro is now in the rec room. Working on a new box for the car.**
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    Sony Head Unit, Sony Unilink input selector, rear deck Kenwood 6x9's, stock door spkrs... All in my '96 Civic, of course :}
    BC ROCKS!!!

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