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Thread: Ethernet devices???

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    Ethernet devices???

    I was at my local Fry's Electronics, and I went by the computer component section. I saw something that I knew existed, but I never actually thought about it in this way. What I saw was an External USB/Ethernet harddrive. Now, this got me thinking of all the people here that ask about the max length of IDE, USB, etc... Also, I became curious as to if there were any other devices (CDRW/DVD drives, keyboards, mice, etc...). I did a quick on Ethernet Enclosures, and came up with pretty much nothing. Anyone know if these kinds of things exist?



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    that thing is for network attached storage, and depending on the model you looked at it might have been for backup only--ie, you can't reliably read off it.

    If you put that thing in your car, you would need a hub or a crossover cable. I think they act as servers, but I don't know if you could do it with a DVD drive. I know you couldnt do it with a keyboard/mouse. Ethernet is not meant to connect peripherals this way.

    btw, if you did do it with a DVD drive, I remind you that you would have a 100mbps connection, which with collisions might top out at 60 or 70. This would be fine for hard drives, but maybe not so good for DVD. USB2.0 is 480mbps and is far better suited for this purpose.

    ps--there is nothing preventing you from using ethernet cabling to extend your wires
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    In our very own mp3car FAQ, it says...

    I've always pondered that.
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