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Thread: my car and half done install (plus a bit of advice?)

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    my car and half done install (plus a bit of advice?) - 56k warning

    hey lads, new to this site... not sure if this is the right place to post this, but i'm sure the mods will move it if it isn't. there's so many forums here it's hard to decide!

    here's a couple of shots of my car, and the screen i just installed.... done everything myself - let me know what you think.

    lastly - still need to build the computer part, so how does this sound to you guys:

    - m10000 nehemiah
    - PW-70A with ITPS
    - 80Gb seagate barracuda HD
    - 512mb ram
    - cd rw / dvd drive from my old home pc
    - Win XP pro
    - Media Car
    - destinator (with usb gps mouse)

    that seem alright? anything you'd recommend changing on that list?

    anyway - here are the pics!

    my car:


    and through the wonders of photoshop

    like i say - comments on all fronts are appreciated


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    but why did you not "hide" the lilis controls ? and go for a more factory look ?
    I presume you will paint or vinyl it to match the rest of the dash, centre vent ? tell us more behind the theory of the install and what do the little switches do ?
    Nano ITX / 512 MB / 60 GB / Panasonic slot load / M1-ATX / Bu303 / Sound blaster 24 / PPi amps / rockford sub

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    Nice and clean!
    Yeah i'd recommend chopping off the controls, extending the controls to somewhere else or just the IR sensor somewhere else.Also the auto power on feature by El Coyote and just an overide "quick turn off" switch just in case of Police or what ever.
    Nice car also!!!!

    P.s Is the skyline your's. Mmmmmmmmm Skyline.

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    no, the skyline isn't mine unfortunately

    i did this before finding this site, and to be honest it never occurred to me to chop up the lilliput for th install - plus this way, the screen can be removed allowing easy access behind the centre console (quite useful for me at the mo)

    i trimmed the whole centre console in a alacantra type material... i might make a "surround" trimmed in the same material which can slot over the top of the screen and give it that blended in look.... anyway, first priority is to get the pc up and running!

    just ordered the stuff i listed at the top of my post, so hopefully not too long now until i can start playing.

    just one question - how do i go about testing my computer in the house without buying a big 12v battery?

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