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Thread: Parts are all on the way!

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    Parts are all on the way!

    I'm getting excited, I just received my Xenarc 700TSV and haven't even opened it yet The CarPC should be in the car by next week. Here is a list of what I've got or is already on its way here.

    Xenarc 700TSV
    HOLUX GM-210 GPS Mouse
    DC-DC 200Watt PS
    DigiMoto OBD-II Reader/Software
    Linksys WET11 (802.11 Network)
    P3 733 1gig ram 40 gig HARD DRIVE
    RCA Input Converter for head unit (Need my tunes!)
    Fiberglass & Resin
    WinXP PRO

    Should be fun My buddy does car stereo installs and works with fiberglass all the time so this is sure to turn out awesome I'll post pics as soon as I take them.

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    i know exactly how yuo felt! I've got my opus 150watt, and i just ordered a lilliput 7incher, an epia m10000 and a morex venus, now i just need a HDD, CD drive and memory, but i think those'll all be hijacked from other projects. then its just wireless internet and GPS, i'm going USB on both i think, Holux GM-210 for gps but not sure on wireless yet. hmm...
    02 Camaro SS
    Opus 150W($150 used) Morex Venus 668 Case($109) Epia M10k($166) 128 Megs ($0), Maxtor 200Gig($76) CD-R/DVD($29) Lilliput 7"($285) Buffalo Airstation($42) Holux GPS($53) GM10-AUX(audio input, $72)
    Tot: $983
    Buying stereo!

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