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Thread: how well will xp run on this machine?

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    I run a PIII 866mhz, 256mb ram and a laptop HD, so nearly a laptop in specs etc.

    It's slow to boot and clunky, but it runs media car ok with sat nav and mp3's playing.

    I mean I used to run auto route 2002 and winamp on a P133 laptop with 40 MB ram and a 4G laptop drive and girder for the IR interface, but that was win98.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram000
    btw, that's a nice upgrade, kandyman--both the pc and the car. is that a new 2-door accord? those are nice. thanks again, all.
    actually, its a 2001 Honda Civic EX. I couldn't afford the accord at the time :-( I needed something reliable, was not a gas sucker, but was not a total econ car, so I got that. :-)
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