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Thread: epia MII 12000 shipping problems?

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    epia MII 12000 shipping problems?

    ok, i ordered an epia MII 12000 from but today i get this email from fedex saying i have to provide them with some information in order to recieve my package. what does that mean and where can i get this info from?

    Mr.Arshed: We currently have a shipment on hold for you coming from Multitheard Consultants Ltd. Fed Ex tracking number xxxxxxxxxxxxx. We require the following information to get this cleared with customs.
    The country of manufacturer. It appears to be a motherboard.
    If that is the case we need to have a Korean Dram certificate.
    If this has a CPU we will need to obtain a F.C.C. form. We have sent a message to out Fed Ex office in Great Britian to contact the shipper. We have had no response from the shipper. If we do not have this information by 6/2 this will be returned to the at their expense. Please contact me at 317 481 7929. Thank you in advance for you help with this matter.

    David Weissman
    Fed Ex Trade Networks
    317 481 7929

    plz help quickly

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    Well I don't know are you shipping across different continents? Go call up where you ordered it from and let them know what's up.
    Mine needs to be updated.

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    yeah, im in the US and i think linitix is based in The UK

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    Yep! So it will be stuck in US customs. The will want to know the country of origin. This will be UK (as the UK company will have already imported it to the UK).

    You will need to state that it's a motherboard. You could do the gift thing so that you don't pay duty.... but I'm sorry to say, it looks like you are gona have to pay the $$ Tell them the value is about $100 (average priced motherboard), that way they may even not charge you for it.
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