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Thread: Montreal

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    May 2004
    Québec, Canada
    I live mtl (et je parle bcp mieux l'francais)

    I lost my harddisk last winter (you should wait approx 5 minutes before opening your computer/screen)

    I buy my screen from digitalww...
    gps from Ottawa (don't remember company)
    and computer parts from or

    dww-700m (trying to do something for eject/power/clock LEDs being on with the ignition off)
    nes/snes emulator
    gps with mappoint 2004 (looking for other software)
    integrated usb (in dash)
    dc/dc psu

    it's my second carputer.. it's almost finished ..
    but i'm thinking to buy an ElmScan for obd-II..

    en passant.. j'ai un LCD in-dash avec touch screen.. (pas vga .. rca seulement) qui me sert à rien .. si qqun veux l'acheter ??

    if you're need help.. you can contact me.. i'll be glad to help you
    maybe we should organize a meet

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    May 2005
    It's all about Tuffy!

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    Sep 2004
    Guys, reading that mix of french and english is... weird

    Et oui, je parle un peu anglais, ROFL...

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    Jun 2004
    Mon projet était sur la glace durant l'hiver, mais avec le beau temps qui est de retour, je recommence à travailler sur mon pccar.

    EPIA M10000
    Travla C134
    DVD slot
    Lilliput InDash (reste à monter dans le case de digitalww)
    Playstation to USB pour les émulateurs (Playstation, SNES, GBA...)
    Windows XP Embedded (en cours de travail...)
    OBDII interface
    Wifi USB
    Boîtier en cours de fabrication pour transporter facilement le pc (et pour ne pas me faire défoncer ma voiture)

    Ca serait cool d'organiser un meeting à Montreal cet été!

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    Dec 2002
    Montreal, Quebec
    Organizer une rassemblement, et je suis la!

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    Feb 2004
    un "rassemblement" ça prends plutot une couple de personne, genre pour remplir le stationnement du Orange Julep sur Decarie... si on est moins nombreux, on peut tout-de-même se tapper une soirée "prenons une biere et parlons char"...

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    Dec 2002
    Montreal, Quebec
    Une ou l'autre... c'est une bonne idee... meme que j'avais moins qu'n char, and et plus de "Gas et Wheels"

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    Dec 2004
    Northern NY


    I'm not in montreal...but I'm right on the border of Canada, 45 mins from Montreal...Champlain, are my specs:

    '03 VW Jetta GLI
    Lilliput in-dash 7" TS
    1GHz Laptop (disassembled for the cause)
    256MB RAM
    40GB HDD
    Rikaline GPS
    Currently using Centrafuse, but moving back to Frodo as soon as I finish my Audi MMI mock skin.

    Someone should arrange a meet as long as you don't mind an american tagging along.

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    Feb 2005
    Laval, Quebec (Canada)
    SebQc ouais tu peux regarder mon lien dans ma signature ! J'ai déjà commencé.. lentement mais sûrement (facteur limitant : l'argent !!)
    Via Epia M10000 / 512 DDR / 10gigs 3.5 HD / M1-ATX / Innovatek 7" TS Screen
    Trunk fiberglassing in progress...
    Need GPS / Aux Input / WiFi

    My Corolla Computer

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    Nov 2004
    Je suis à laval. J'ai installé un ordi dans ma Volvo S80 l'automne passé. L'ordi et le disque dur remplissent le coffre à gant (c'est vraiement pour les gants cette affaire là!). Tout fonctionne à merveille, sauf que l'auto est présentement au garage (un con m'a rentré dedans il y a quelques semaines, 10-15K$ de dommages - une auto d'à peine un an!)

    Voici la description que j'en ai fait pour un copain de Toronto. D'abord une photo:

    Puis, la description:


    Motherboard :

    - VIA EPIA MII10000 – All included, except for RAM (I added 512MB)

    Power supply :

    - M1-ATX intelligent car power supply – This enable clean shutdown when you turn of the power in the car. A must.

    Touch Screen:

    - XENARC 700TS High Brightness screen - The screen is the most expensive part – but also the most critical. IT NEED TO BE REALLY BRIGHT, or else, you won,t see a thing during the day.

    Hard Disk:

    - 160GB standard 3.5” drive (WD1600) with a power/data connector taken out of a cheap hard drive drawer like this one (;drawerbag) The cheapest the better. I’ve used it at -20 (ok – it “froze”, but I tried it anyways) and at +35. I had a car crash with it running. And it’s like a Timex: I still works …

    Sound card:

    - The sound card on the board is pretty good, but I wanted better sound so I added an Audigy2 ZS NOTEBOOK PCMCIA sound card.

    Sound to radio:

    - My Volvo radio does not have an Auxiliary input; I have tested many FM modulator/transmitter without good results; I now have a direct-connect adaptor from USASPEC (I have an model for an iPod but only use the auxiliary input). I bought it from


    - Netgear WG111 Wireless 802.1G USB adaptor


    - Pharos iGPS-360 USB GPS - Any good GPS will do.

    Other Input:

    - Touch screen and virtual keyboard / writing recognition (OK, but cumbersome for “real” input)

    - USB Numeric Keypad that I reprogrammed as macro function keys – “One touch does it all”

    - A small USB mini-keyboard (only the pale grey part that normally clips on the game controller) for more than just simple input)

    - I also plan to play with voice recognition


    - I have interfaced my blackberry with my computer and use my radio and a microphone as a hand-free device. Quite good.


    - I use ProClipUSA mounting brackets That gives a professional looking installation without breaking the car, and enables me to easily take out the screen to hide it whenever needed (using a “move clip kit”). This is the best way to mount electronic devices in a car.

    Radio tuner:

    - I am presently using my Car’s tuner to play radio, but I also want to have Tivo-like functionalities for the radio (ability to pause and replay live radio, record radio shows etc) so I have ordered a “Radio Shark” which does just that.



    - Windows XP pro

    Navigation Software:

    - iNavCorp iGuidance v2.11 – One of the best navigation product on the market


    - I use the same software that drives my 200CD Sony jukeboxes at home with an interface I modified to be more “car-friendly”. And as I have 110GB of MP3, there is a lot to listen to!


    - “War driving” is driving around to identify unprotected wireless access point. My experience is that more that 60% of all network access point in residential areas are not protected in any way. Winc and Netstumbler are good software to identify those. Please tell their owner to secure their access, as bill-intentioned people can use this to send viruses all over the net.


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