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Thread:, Any Good?

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    Jan 2003
    65, Any Good?

    I noticed the site has LCD screens for very good (low) prices. I just wondered if anyone had experience with their screens. I am looking specifically at this one:

    Seems to be a good deal at $279, but is it going to be reliable, or have a good picture? I've never heard of Innovatek brand.

    Is there any other options that would be better for a similar price. What I really want to do is take it apart and mold it into my dash, so the case doesn't really matter. I only need RCA type inputs, as I don't have a carputer. Please point me in the right direction...preferebly 10.4"

    Thanks for any help.

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    Do a search on mp3playerstore and you will realise that its not the best webstore around....
    Here in Portugal we have great weather, lots of brunnets, party a lot,drink a lot....

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    I think this says it all

    (Reseller Ratings should always be the FIRST place to check before even thinking of ordering something from somewhere)

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    Wow, thanks for the replies! Really glad I didn't order from them after reading those reviews.

    Is there anyone (good company) who sells good quality, 10.4" screens for low prices?

    Thanks again guys, probably saved me from loosing the $300.

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    It's amazing a store like this is still around...
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    Many thanks for that link. I just spent the last 20 mins reading all the replies about this merchange. There's a chance that I would have purchased from there as well, since I'm buying my touch-screen soon.

    That 20 mins was definately worth the trouble.

    Thanks again.
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    I had to look at this post ( thinking it was a spam thing ) because of the name " woodpaneling "....

    Doh, now that I read it... good tip on the link !!!! people/businesses like this should be able to operate..

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    Wood, stay away from that rotten **** hole!! walk, no run as fast as you can. Seriously, they suck. Do a search of my past posts and read on.
    mp3playersuckmyassstorefullofnutlessmonkey****sdot com should be shut down.
    just my opinion. Cavaet Empour.

    wow, I just noticed that I posted to a thread that is 5 months old! (what a looser)

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    They suck! I made the mistake of ordering from them. don't make the same mistake I did.

    There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life. -- Frank Zappa

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    I won an ebay auction with this guy for a car tv antenna. my transaction went fine, got the product as stated... it has weak reception though... might be with all car tv antennas... i don't know... does anyone know of a good way to improve reception? I think i'l do a thread on this...

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