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Thread: Transferring data between computers

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    Transferring data between computers

    I wanna transfer all my mp3s ( 29 GB's) from my desktop to my carputer. I would like to do this without burning cd's since that would take a lot of time and cds. I can't really do this over the internet since that would probably take longer. How do most people do this?

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    Personally, I have had good luck with taking the hard drive out of the car and placing it in the master computer as a slave. Drop all the MP3's in the my documents or wherever and go. Then, put it back in the car and your set. Simple and fast. Never tried a data cable but you probably dont have one if you are asking.
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    Do you have a network? I put mine up on the network (had to transfer music and files from carpc to desktop). My mobo has a built in ethernet connection. I simply took a cable from there to my router, punched in a few things real quick and there it was.

    I've also done the method speed racer mentioned and that has worked well also.
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    I just did the 'swap the HD' way yesterday, thats the best for that much memory, anyway else and you'll be waiting along time, like 5 or more hours.
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    I just use the network..
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    i use a Wireless network card here
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    My car stays in the garage. Have a wireless network and wired network in the garage. Small files and updates I leave the pc on overnight (hooked to house AC) and transfer through wireless. If I am reloading or transferring a whole bunch of stuff I plug in the wired ethernet, as it is considerably faster. Either way I use Symantec PcAnywhere. Just get it started a night, and when I get up in the morning itis done.


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    I agree that the best way is to take the drive out of the carputer and put it in the master computer. I have about 80 gigs of MP3s and can transfer all of them in about 45 minutes. To make it ridiculously easy, go to Ebay and buy two identical hard disk trays/caddies. They should cost about $15 each. Install one in each computer. You can then just pull the tray out of the carputer, plug it into the master, transfer the files and plug the tray back into the carputer.

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    i burn them on a CDRW and transfer the files to my carpc.

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    Ok, i tried the HD swap way, but i'm probably doing it wrong. I ran the Carputer HD as a slave off the home HD. I hooked it up while the computer was off, and when i turned on the computer, it said "disk boot failure, insert system disk" or something like that. I have XP on the home comp. and windows 2000 on my carputer, and i don't have a boot disk for either. Is it a problem that they're 2 different OS?

    Also, my carpc has an ethernet connection, i think. It looks like a large phone jack right? So could i transfer data through this? Would i need a program to do this?


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