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    DivX Tip

    I know for a lot of people, the onboard epia video does not play DivX correctly. The new codec doesn't allow quality controls for the whole codec, only for the player. I've found that DivX Codec 5.05 has quality controls in the decoder configuration. The quality will not be noticeably bad on the small 7" screens, and they won't be choppy anymore. You can get the old DivX codec at
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    I've found this to be true for my system as well (P4 1.6Ghz, only 16MB video card though). My Divx were all made with Codec 5.0.5 and one day I accidently clicked "Okay" to download the newer version of the Divx player and codec (5.1.1) and all my Divx movies started playing choppy. I uninstalled it and reinstalled the old 5.0.5 player and codec and all is well. Thank god for because the divx site doesn't provide and older versions of their software. Also, I tried the newest version of Dr. Divx with the 5.1.1 codec to make new Divx movies and they play choppy too. Right now seems 5.0.5 is the way to go (for me anyways).
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