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Thread: Instant-on screen idea for truckputer

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    CF = Compactflash
    Compactflash is a specific type of flash memory not a reference for all the flash memory types out there. There are types of flash memory that are very fast, very high capacity and very expensive.

    Durango thread-hijacker, thanks for commenting and arguing on something that:
    a) you have never tried
    b) you MAY have seen on TV
    c) you can't recall the technology involved
    d) you couldn't afford in the first place

    You are a winner.
    I'll live fine with my booting Win2k from a CF card in just over a minute(from the time I hit the power button to the time Media Car loads)...
    hope you can do the same.

    If anyone wants to discuss using a video-out device to run the display instantly, this is the spot.
    Start a new thread if you want to discuss anything else.

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    Jesus Christ the man wants to know about his bloody pictures not his bloody boot times... quit waxing the geek and get to the trouble shooting
    Quote Originally Posted by menudude View Post
    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...

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    I would do what Bravellir said and add a RCA based camera to the Truck, you could put it in the bumper or any other blind spot on the truck. (This might prove handy for a couple of things.)

    If you look around you can find some pretty cheap color or low light black & white ones, this would be my first suggestion and you should be able to get this all to work for pretty cheap ($60.00 +time installing the camera somewhere)

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