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Thread: Calling all programmers..... Mp3 related.

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    Lightbulb Calling all programmers..... Mp3 related.

    This is non mp3 related however I feel there is a very talented mix of people here that may have good info for me. I have a "semi sim" (as I like to call it) Game in mind. I actually have alot of ideas for it. However I am more hardware and software troubleshooter than software writer. I need to get a staff of people together or info on any existance of Venture Programmers. If anyone can help me on the process of developing a game or if you are interested in helping please let me know.

    This is not just any other game and it will blow the sims out of the water! It can be semi or fully web based.

    [email protected]

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    hey man..

    sorry, i am no programmer (yet )

    but if you need any other help, i'd be glad to assist yu..


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