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Thread: CarPC in... couple issues...

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    CarPC in... couple issues...

    Ok guys, I got my screen went on my 5 day vacation and came back to tackle the install. I fastened my screen in for preliminary testing. I had the computer out of the car and powered from AC it seemed fairly stable, it played through divx movies and music and what not the temps didn't get too hot and nothing hung up. I put the system in my car. Now I am getting temps of like 48c when idle in windows and then like 55c - 58c after playing an MP3 for a few. Then MediaCar hangs up, I shut the car down, ITPS doesn't turn the computer off because its unresponsive so it shuts off after 45 seconds.

    I have a feeling this is all temperature related... but I don't know what to do about it. I had an issue when working with the computer on my desk of my hard drive (3.5" HDD) IDE cable touching the cpu fan and causing it to not spin, but the temps were like 65c+ and so I fixed it and my temps were down. I think my ambient temps in the trunk now are 40c and my cpu temp is like 55c - 58c, sometimes like 48c when idle... but i am not sure how to tell what the heck is hanging up. It really sucks to have my mp3 freeze after like 10 mins of play!

    Also, I have scan lines on my lilli, but I think it's engine noise due to them going away when motor is switched off. I am going to try grounding the trapazoid around the cable to the chassis. If that doesn't work I will try powering Lilli from the 70w that came with my Morex case.

    help me make this stable guys.

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    Are you using the regulation part of the ITPS or not? If not, then you're probably sending too much voltage (or not enough depending on the state of the engine) into your components, causing them to lock up.

    If you want to be able to use the computer with the car off, and still using the internal power supply in the case, drop the ITPS, and get the Carnetix CNX-P1260, and hook up your screen's power to that as well as the PC. This will regulate your voltage to a constant 12V, which will stop the flickering on the screen, and it will also allow you to use the PC while the car is off, and it won't reboot when starting the engine either!

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