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Thread: Some Help and input needed from all..

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    Some Help and input needed from all..


    I've been on here for about 3 weeks and finally read enough posts to decided to become an active member, after I decided that Carputer's rule and so does this site. questions

    for those that have touchscreens...

    I am not familiar with their functionality as I have never used one with a PC for either navigation (gps) or anything for that matter, could you please let me know the limitations of these units?

    Is is wiser/better to just get a regular monitor and get a keyboard/mouse/touchpad for the carputer?

    I'm not really looking for a whole lot from my carputer, just basically MP3's/ GPS/ DVDs. I've been digging around for parts and what not. I see alot use the EPIA motherboards. What are others using? and how fast does this carputer really need to be? I'm planning on running XP on it.

    Thanks for any advice, btw...this carputer would be going in a 97 maxima

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    toucscreen, much better to use then a mouse in a car enviroment, safer too. Lots of people are using the Via Epia mini itx boards but i went for a micro atx just cos i wanted the extra pci slots, coupled with the Athlon XP 1600+ Mobile, its serving me well. The minimum you want in processor speed would be 600Mhz, but 1ghz would do you well. remeber your not doing video editing and that stuff.
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    260 bring up a good point so I need at least 600MHz for my proposed applications?

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