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Thread: Yellow Pages on CD-ROM?

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    Yellow Pages on CD-ROM?

    Hi guys,

    Does anyone know where I can get a CD-ROM of national yellow pages? It would be a neat addition to any carputer to be able to instantly find a nearby restaurant/business/etc. I know Mappoint and some of the other GPS programs have a short list of some of these things, but there have been many times where I did not have Wifi where I needed to get somewhere.

    If the interface is easy enough to write for and the CDs are cheap enough, it might even be a very useful feature to integrate w/ navigation software. A friend w/ a new BMW showed me a neat feature where he asked his OEM nav system to tell him where a nearby chinese restaurant was, and it vectored him right in.


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    I think most local companies have CD's, at least ours does. You should call them, as for national, dunno.
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    I know of the smartpages website, and I think you can call your regional phone company and request the yellow pages on CD-ROM...However, I doubt this service is for free....

    Mappoint's point of interest (POI) directory is pretty good, although far from perfect....I would suspect this is something that GPS software will start to improve upon......

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