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Thread: MAC password protection...

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    MAC password protection...

    I have a mac powerbook G4 with os 10.2.3 i think. Anyway, this thing came to me through a string of hand me downs. It is password protected and i haven't been able to contact the original owner to get it. There is only one user and i haven't been able to get my hands on a mac os x cd. Anyone know any ways of changing/resetting the password??


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    and you know its not stolen how?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pate60
    and you know its not stolen how?
    I second that.
    Also, considering the OS is Unix-based, and considering the way Apple sets up the Unix-handling in the background (shadow passwords etc), it's doubtful that there exists any simple method of getting the password off of it.

    Before you dig any farther though, I would recommend checking with Apple to verify the unit's serial # with them, and if the original owner registered, allowing Apple to call them and verify, or see if they can give you some contact info you can use.

    Either way, from the sounds of this (got it from a friend of a friend who got it from the back of a truck in an alley) you might just want to trace the unit's lineage as far back as you can to verify all the handoffs were on the up-and-up and whatnot.

    Otherwise, it could come back to bite you in the keister. I know. I helped a guy trace back a laptop's original owner from the pics the guy had on there. The customer brought it to me after he bought it from a pawnshop, and he thought all those pictures and documents were a little suspicious. The cool thing was, the thug who stole it from the owner also left his own pics on there, complete with his home address in the background, as well as pics of his hometown. Dude got jailed, victim got data back, customer got $500 thank you, and the laptop, since the victim had already replaced his.
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    If you have the original installation discs, you can wipe the drive clean and re-install the OS. Hold down the "C" key when starting up. This will force the computer to boot from the CD. Apple includes installation CD's with all it's products. If not, invest $100 and pick up the latest Mac OS (Panther). More than worth the $$$!

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    another thing you can do... you need the OS X installation disc though: start up from the CD, and there is an option in the setup to reset the password. That might do it...

    that second link above is another way to do it - my suggestion just does it graphically.

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