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<STRONG>I built a little suspension system using 1/4" by 4" bolts, L Brackets and 3/8" by 1.5" Springs.

1) Bolts anchor into the base of the trunk perpindicular to the floor.
2) Put one set of springs onto the bolts
3) Install the case so that the bolts go into the L brackets and the L brackets rest on the springs
4)You might need washers to make sure the springs don't get hung up on the threads of the screws
Put on the next set of springs and put on a wing nut to hold it all together

It works pretty well</STRONG>
Cool - I thougt of doing the same thing, but I just wasn't that ambitious/patient/whatever... I look forward to seeing pics of your install. Post pics along the way, if you can, please

PS - Welcome to the board


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