I had a PC in my car 3 years ago (almost to the day) in October 2001, and I used to browse the old MP3Car site looking at all the installs for HOURS at a time! While this wasn't very long ago compared to some, I've only been driving since September 3 years ago

It was a full-size AT motherboard/desktop case running from a 150W inverter, K6-233, 128mb ram, and a 4gb hdd running Win98 Lite, booted in about 45 secs, and I was controlling it all via a hacked-up keyboard numberpad, using Winamp 2.71 and a character LCD plugin (can't remember the name ), it was awesome

That computer survived the only accident i've ever had in a car (thankfully it put a Vauxhall Nova off the road!) The rear axle (which had a big U of 1/8 inch steel over it) bent up so that the rear wheels were more like \-^---/ than |-----| !!! When I landed back on the road (after going up on two wheels to about 40 degrees and spinning around nearly 180 degrees in the process) the computer was still running, and still playing music! :cool;

I then changed my car to a Ford Escort, and upgraded the system to a P3-500, 256mb ram, the same 4gb drive, and same inverter, and was using my iPAQ to control Winamp via a bit of software called RemoteAmp, and the PPC was in a mobile phone cradle attached to the dashboard!

August/September last year, i found this site again, and they were having a special offer on Xenarc screens, so I got myself one (and my dad one) and also got myself an Epia M10000 (top of the range at the time, had only just come out) and was using WinXP and MediaEngine. I've since progressed to an Opus, and moved between ME, MC, FrodoPlayer, and am now using AIMEE, which is still in the process of being written, pending release sometime soon (but won't say when, because I don't know!)

I'm not quite as old-skool as some of you though!