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Thread: Napster subscription

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    I just think it's pretty funny that there's been such attention lavished on this whole ordeal while it has been possible, and still is possible, to download a couple thousand dollars worth of software in the time it takes to get even a single complete album off Napster. I also think it's pretty funny that Napster has even gotten this far, cus, really, the service is ****. I mean, the servers don't sync, you can't resume, and you have to sit with your browser open to or something of the like to find all the tracks for a given album. Not that I don't like Napster and not that I don't use it, I just think it could be a lot better. As for paying for it--maybe, but Napster gained its popularity as a free alternative to CD stores, and I doubt very much whether it'll do too well as a pay service. 'Sides, I'm sure someone will come up with a clever proxy to allow dozens of people to download from a single account.

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    you guys should look into newsgroups too. with a good newsgroup reader you can get some good stuff. the only drawback--you can't search. but, if you're looking for new releases-even before they come out-this is the place. i'd be happy to help with the reader program and what groups i subscribe to. right now i'm on road runner cable modem service and i download about 130kb/sec.

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