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Thread: Clifford G4 Alarm problems

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    Clifford G4 Alarm problems


    Think you maybe able to help me, who knows

    I have a Clifford G4 installed on my Truck. A few months ago the lights stopped working (Flashing) when turning the alarm on and off, but the alarm system still worked fine. The other day the light on the dash that flashes when the system is armed just started staying on the entire time now, even when the ignition is off. When I arm the alarm system the light still stays constant, and the system does not arm or alrm out if tripped. I located the sensor box and tapped on it and it seems to be working fine, all wires that I can tell are ok.

    What seems to be the problem with my system if you can tell from what I told you?

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    I have a Clifford concept 600 uk Spec. When the Blue light stays on all the time it means the valet mode is on, this is where the lock/unlock button will operate the door locks and immobiliser and that is it the alarm is not set. It is intended to use when the car goers to the garage, where having an alarm may complicate things for them.

    You can turn the flashing lights on and off with the Clifnet Wizard I think. Been a while since I played around with it.

    If you have a manual have a look in there because different key combinations will do different things, disable sensors, silent set, remote valet, headlights etc.

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    I don't think the G4 has the valet option.

    I think something is hosed and do not know where to look

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    The g4 7000 has a valet option. Your system appears to be in valet mode (as already stated), however your parking light problem maybe something other than programming. What is the year/make/model of your truck?

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    Check and see if the lead going to the parking lights is fused, it probably is. If it is, it's probably a bad fuse that's causing you parking light problem. As for the LED being on all the time, they will usually go out when you turn the ignition to the on position with DEI alarms.

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    the led on is definately valet.. at least it is on my avanguard 4
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