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Thread: Once you go carpc can you ever go stock?

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    Ya, what malcom2073 said. Just keep the origanol OEM parts and store them away. Then buy junkyard/dealer parts and work on them for your install or just make brand new molds. This way when you want to sell it or whatever, you have everything you need to go back to oem despite the hefty load of work involved to go back.

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    Same here, my car could be returned to stock if I needed to as well. actually made it more fun trying to keep it that way.
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    It would cost me a bit to go back to stock...
    New dash, new airbag, new center console, etc.

    Try RevFE
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    just hope you have the rental more then just a few days...otherwise modding and re-modding for another car could prove to be a large pain in the ***. heh.
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