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Thread: The new bmw 3 series official relase

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    The new bmw 3 series official relase

    hello all
    the new bmw 3 series is on this page the official photos and spec...

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    Quote Originally Posted by crystalq3
    hello all
    the new bmw 3 series is on this page the official photos and spec...

    Eh. Not that impressed. I think BMW's designers need to ease back on the coke a little. Somebody got too ambitious with the 7 series and now they've ruined the beauty of the 3 series too. Boo.

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    Well whether those photos turn out to be the actual design or not, it's at least going to be close to that and thus awful. The 1 series even looks like that and sucks... I do have to admit though, when I drove an E36, I hated the body style of the E46 when it first showed up. Now I own one; go figure. I think that by the time I am looking for a new car the body style may catch up with me. The M6 is looking awfully appealing despite Chris Bangle's ridiculous styling.

    Anyway, regardless of the bangle rear-ends and door panels of the newer cars, I would rather have that than the facelift on the 03+ E46 cars looks terrible -- the front corner markers pointing up -- just looks awful. I'm glad they kept it off of the M3.
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    Always been a big fan of the 3 series. Not sure how much more/less I will like this new style.
    I want a BMW soooo bad. It sucks being a college student.
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    ^^^ Yeah, just bought my Mazda3 and they had the cancer drive. Got to go run a 330ci (5-spd), Z4 (ATX), and 525 (6-spd).

    I was really impressed by the Z4 with lack of wind noise and buffeting I expected with the top down. And also the 330ci. The room, power and performance were right up there. But, for the priced a 330 for, I could buy two Mazda3s (without my discount).

    I talked to them about the 1-series. The guys were like, "oh they're not going to bring them here... there's no demand for the small entry level cars. Yeah... priced like a high end Civic... I'd probably get one.

    I like the look on the front of the 3 series. The up turn on the headlights reminds me of the S14/15 headlights. Still, the good old E36 front is classy and clean. The back looks banged up.

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