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Thread: Just like to say hi & Thanks

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    Thumbs up Just like to say hi & Thanks

    Greetings, (Sorry just realized this is a huge post)

    I have been lurking around since the beginning when it had three or four vehicles in the car listing section and a few bizarre products in the store. Now itís grown to a great community with some very knowledgeable people participating daily. (I know I check it as often as I check my portfolio)

    In high school I had a 1992 Chev Silverado Truck with a 5.5" composite screen in the dash with a wired keyboard, serial touchpad, MS game pad and winamp playlist running full screen with a big *** font. Very impressive in 98 considering it was in a Plexiglas case inset in a custom 3/4 mdf dual 12" sub box behind the seat of a single cab truck. Ohh and in case your wondering audio was Two MTX 12" Subs, MTX Blue Thunder 600W amp, Four Phenix Gold 4X6", Four Infinity 6X9" and two MTX 400WX4. (All Myself)

    That system ran standalone no head unit for 4 years till the truck was totaled, now on to my new car/project. 2003 Rally Blue Subaru WRX.


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    The Saga Continues

    My WRX is rally blue and I had painted side skirts and black Napa leather with blue stitching put in before I took possession. Since I recently had to rip my car apart for a clutch/flywheel repair I figured hell I have already added a big stereo on the stock 6disc changer lets rip it out and go back to carputer land.

    ACT Lightweight Flywheel
    Excedy Hyper Racing Clutch
    Custom Leather, Debagged Car, Painted skirts, STI Skirt flares
    Whiteline Front/Rear Sway Bar, Front Strut Tower
    STI 4 pot Front, STI 2 Pot Rear brakes (Brembo Rotors and braded steal lines All Round)
    Turbo XS BOV
    Optima Deep Cycle Max Battery
    Airbox Removed, K&N Filter
    NGK Iridium plugs a few degrees colder
    ECUTEK Engine Management (Soon to be controlled using delta dash and TS)
    Custom Trunk with computer in wheel well, dual 12" sub box, cold cathode lighting, mini fridge and Kenwood crossover.
    Cold Cathode Valet Lights rigged to keychain and doors

    Audio Mods: (Had all fosgate top of the line, fried then replaced with MB)
    Two MB Quart 6.5" Components (Front)
    Two MB Quart 6" Two Way Rear
    Two MB Quart DVC 12" Subs in sealed box facing forward
    Fosgate 1200W 2 Channel for Subs with bass link remote in glove box
    MTX 400W, 4 Channel under Passenger seat for mids and Highs
    Reincarnated 5" Composite lcd inset in headrest. (Wrapped leather no trim)
    Kenwood Electronic Crossover
    Xenarc or Lilliput 7" TS being purchased and installed this week

    Intel P4 1.8ghz, 512mb ram, 80gb desktop drive, Audigy 2, Nvidia FX Tv Out
    Interior matching atx switch beside fog light switch, 15ft USB Extender.
    300W Inverter, 250W Power supply, All LCD's run off computer Power Supply.
    Inverter is on accessory controlled relay and electronic crossover remote is relayed off of 12v Power supply feed.
    Generic USB GPS, USB Bluetooth Adapter, Front USB Port for 512 Flash Ram and IPAQ recharge and sync cable (IPAQ WIFI + CAR WIFI ROUTER = LONG RANGE REMOTE). 802.11 Router and Serial OBD Interface cable for delta dash.

    Wow too much info but were info junkies so guess thatís the way it is, a few things to note is the system is fully installed and working just missing touch screen. All cabling and fabricating is done and with a laser mouse and sitting in the back seat using the headrest monitor it works fantastic. I also put Xbox cables (Power+A/V) under passenger seat in case I want to put my 250 GB modded Xbox in the car. (Right now I have about 150 Videos (CSI NY, Miami and regular, Family Guy, Simpsonís, Seinfeld and a few others also about 40 music videos) and about 150 albums in the car system (We donít talk about how much the home system has).

    Cheers for now, next week when I get the screen ill take pictures of it all and post up in the show off section, btw great thanks to all the guys making software sure is better then the old winamp days.

    Thanks everyone again,

    BTW I am building a Carputer for a 1972 2002 BMW right now as well, similar comp specs and yes I know I need to buy some Opusís.

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    So uhh... to show some appreciation of course, you should give my your WRX

    And hey man, Winamp is still cool.

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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