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Thread: Customizing the "Resuming Windows" screen

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    Frodo... downloading a resource editor right now to take a look at that file.

    Ninja Monkey... I am familiar with that file because I've seen it before. I am running Windows XP Pro and I cannot find the file/folder. I am viewing all files (even hidden and system ones), so I don't know why I can't find it. Could you point me in the right direction?

    Thanks guys.

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    Ok, figured out how to do this so here it goes for any of you who wanna customize...

    To change the "Resuming Windows" text
    (1) Get a hex editor program. Here's a link of what I used.

    (2) Look in the root directory of the boot drive (usually the C-drive) for the file C:\NTLDR. Now don't worry if you can't see it, just choose "Tools" > "Folder Options". Then click on the "View" tab and check "Show hidden files and folders" and uncheck "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)". Now refresh the folder and you'll see it!

    (3) Now make a backup copy of this file (just in case).

    (4) Change the attributes of this file by selecting the file properties and deselect "read only", "hidden" and "system" checkboxes. Sometimes Windows won't let you do this so you can just download a program that will let you set file permissions.

    (5) Use the hex editor program to open the NTLDR file. Go to offset 00035990 and you can change the "Resuming Windows..." text. Be sure NOT to change anything except those letters (meaning what you want to say has to fit within that many characters). Now you can also change the text below the progress bar "For troubleshooting... blah, blah" by changing the text at offset 00035F34, remember don't go over the character limit!

    (6) Save the file and you're done!

    To change the hibernation screen pics
    (1) Download a resource editor, the one I used is Resource Hacker.

    (2) Open the file C:\Windows\System32\ntoskrnl.exe. Look at bitmap #2 and bitmap #5. You can right click on the file and choose to save that bitmap file to somewhere on your harddrive. Do this.

    (3) Use a photo-editing program to edit the picture as you choose. Remember to keep the original image sizes and color depth.

    (4) Now use the resource editor to replace these images with your newly created ones.

    (5) Now you can't just save over the files because Windows will just overwrite your changes. Here's what you do... save the file as something else (like ntoskkrnl2.exe).

    (6) Reboot Windows into Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

    (7) Go to the Windows system directory by typing "cd C:\windows\system32"

    (8) Delete the original file by typing "del ntoskrnl.exe" and hitting enter.

    (9) Now copy over your file by typing "copy ntoskrnl2.exe ntoskrnl.exe" (assuming you called your new file ntoskrnl2.exe).

    (10) Now just reboot and you're done!

    Thanks Frodobaggins and Ninja Monkey for being the one's who showed me the right files to look in (without that all this would not be possible)! Hope this helps out... I am a new member but this forum is great, it gives everyone good ideas and helps out huge.

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    Is this XP or 2000?
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    Instructions are for Windows XP Pro (and it works for Home Edition as well).

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    Man, that's awesome. Thanks for posting this.

    I do disagree on one point...and that is deleting the original file. I would rename it to something (like ntosback or something) instead of deleting it, just in case something bad happens.

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    if xp wont let you make the file unhidden and not a system file you can do this

    1.) first make a copy of the file (i named it ntldr2)
    2.) open a command prompt (if you don't know how to do this stop here)
    3.) get to your c dir (cd c:\)
    4.) find the attribs on the file by typing 'attrib ntldr2' (without quotes)
    5.) it should look something like 'A SHR C:\ntldr2'
    6.) for the editor to work you just want it to be A so you do 'attrib -s -h -r ntldr2' (w/o quotes)
    7.) then 'attrib ntldr2' and the file should have the right permissions

    once your finished you can reset the file permissions by doing the same process, but instead of doing 'attrib -s -h -r ntldr2' you do 'attrib +s +h +r ntldr2' then just rename the original ntldr to something like ntldrbackup and then rename ntldr2 to ntldr.
    One thing to be aware of, make sure you remember to add the file name after the attributes(ex: attrib -h -s -r ntldr2), or else every file in the directory will be made that format.
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    if you set Frodo as the shell..... Would you still see these screens when booting up and waking from hybernation??

    If so wantaFRODO109 screen!!


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    Is there any way to display an image when windows is returning from hibernation instead of showing the text and the progress bar. I want to make it look the same as my boot screen.
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    Good question Stray... I don't think it's possible but maybe someone here might know?

    Is there a way to display a picture instead of the "resuming windows..." text?

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    I've been trying to get the resuming windows text today but i'm confused. I open my hex editor.. hit goto 00035990 and this is what i get. What am i doin wrong here
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