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Thread: 7" 10" BAH! Check this out

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    ..........thats just stupid... cool... but stupid
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    Staus: Done.. too lazy to make pictures lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by One_*_Star
    Anyone notice the homies walking beside it. There all saying, "Man, I want one to".

    For shizzle my nizzle.......
    and if he just parked there for a minute, they'll get it.

    Porn from that angle is pretty good. especially head shots blowing

    A screen that huge and low with a passange sitting with shoes on = very expensive cracked screen

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    And I thought my screen was big...... wow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trdcpu
    yeah, it would be glorious to be riding shotgun, and bam your driver crashes into a school bus because he was distracted while watching reruns of full house. suddenly you find your carcass sliding toward a 32 inch glass structure, instanteously your balls are packing sony trinitron glass and you basically realize that you probably wont have to tie running shoes on , because youre never walking again.
    That is the funniest thing I have ever read...ever.
    Quick! To the Popemobile!

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    i would definitely say he was going more for looks than practicality.
    Absolutely no need for that many speakers up front.

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    It's certainly a seatbelt incentive. Nothing like a facefull of glass and plasma to put the sting in that "I told you so".

    Of course, it would be the driver's insurance that would have to pay the medical.


    Although... could be neat if he put a camera under the car and put the feed on the screen.
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