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    Post Fingerprint Recognition

    I don't know much about fingerprint recognition devices but I've just traded a buddy of mine for one (compaq one)and I was wondering if anyone else has some neat ideas for it in car,or just ideas in general. Also, would it be possible to rig it up so my vehicle could have fingerprint recognition to start ??.... Pleeaasse, think ppl think!!
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    The only problem I can think of in your fingerprint id reader starting a car problem is, your carputer may have to be on all the time in order for your recognization to work. Also when I see cars start up there is a drain on all power to the starter in order to get the engine going, this may cause surges to your carputer, or it may cut the power causing the starter to stop because the ok signal from the reader by way of the carputer will stop. (Paradoxical!!!)

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    About the only thing I can think biometrics would be good for in an automotive environment would be to load individual driver preferences (screen colors, playlists, common GPS routes, voiceprint, etc.) if you had a multi-driver vehicle.

    As for starting the car, you could pull it off if you had a remote-start function built into your alarm (or installed by some other method) and then have the computer send out an IR signal via a trainable transmitter when it detects a successful login. But, as mentioned, you would have to have the computer on in order for it to recognize the login.

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    Another method of access control / loading preferences, etc. is to use iButtons.

    They come in all types of formats, including a ring that looks like a frat ring (memories of the original batman Decoder Ring). The best part is, that the most expensive one is like 59 bucks - CHEAP!

    props to my cuz for pointing this out to me...

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    The only problem with rigging it up to do something, would be that,some type of software would have to be written that would interpret the fact you placed your finger on the reader and then output this to an outboard module controlled by the pc to start the vehicle, sounds simple but its not. I have a compaq reader as well, and well, its not of much use without the pc, and even then minimal software exists to make it do anything but authenticate a logon, logoff. Maybe you could make some hardware that starts your engine, when you log on to the pc! hehe
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    Wow I like this ibutton key..!!! I didn't know know there is such thing like this. And most of all, the price!!

    Maybe I can use this on my car, all door and ignition system too.

    Thanks 'dos4who?'

    Does anyboy know any cool device like this too? I love these gadgets!!!

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    These are similar to units used in Clifford Ignition Kill systems currently in use.

    I'm certainly interested in this technology and as such, I will be ordering a fairly comprehensive package. I'll post updates as I work ...

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    a firend and I have been thinking baout something close to this.
    getting the carputer to start the vehicle.

    to keep from leaving the computer on all the time we've come up with 2 ways to start the computer.
    first we have an fm xmitter in hte desktop in the house that starts the carputer on schedule.
    it activates a relay that turns it's power on.

    second it to use the ir xmitter for the keyless entry, when it's activated it will wake the computer.
    we're using voice login to limit access to the computer.
    we also looded at an ibuttons or even a simple connector key to interrupt the start circuit.

    for the power issues at engine start we have a small 12v gell cell powering the computer, connected to the cars power system by an RCCR. this allows the car's electrical system to charge the battery when the car's voltage is higher (cars running), but disconnects the circuit when it's voltage is below the gel cell(engines off for about 20 minutes. so it can't dischare the gell cell or the car battery.

    the only issue we're still working on is how to best activate the remote starter setup.
    we're looing at the ir fucntion, or a smple rs-232 controller we found.
    software wise I think the ir may be the way to go.
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    Don't know how to implement it, but you could replace your door loack and handle with it. Just stick your thumb on the pad and it will unlock and unlatch the door? Just a thought...

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