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You'd have to modify it to broadcast at HIGH power...it's gotta be high enough to override the existing radio broadcast. It's ALMOST powerful enough to override if it's sitting right next to your antenna...it'd need to be boosted by probably 1000% to work the way you're talkin...but that would be wicked. I could think of so many times that would have been useful.
And if you decided to use a misspent youth (reading, ew) for evil instead of good, you might know that wavelength ~= 300/mhz so if you were targeting a range of approximately, say, 100mhz (towards the middle of the FM broadcast band) you'd want to make a 3meter amp. Hrm, If you were a ham, you'd know that 2m amps are incredibly simple to find up to the legal limit for licensed amateurs (1500W!!!) and many of these, being just amps, will really work on any input signal you give it within a range anywhere near their intended band, provided you don't care about signal bleed at all (broadcasting on a few mhz around your target freq) or if you actually want to learn about theory, the ARRL has some great books on how to build your own transmitters, amps, etc. About 50 Watts should be good to blast over standing signals for about 3 or 4 miles line of sight. 5 with a proper directional antenna should be good to blow out the stations for someone a car or 2 away.

But here's the thing.

1.) if you're crushing a good signal line of sight for any distance, then you're screwing up the signal for everyone else for about 10 times that distance, minimum, so you're going to **** a LOT of people off.

2.) Ham's fight very hard for their rights to broadcast on any frequencies at all, and will work with the FCC to hunt down and (metaphorically) crucify anyone abusing the system.

So if I were going to do something like this, I'd be looking at a very directional antenna, and I'd be very picky about when I used it, lest I get in a LOT of trouble.

I mean, in theory of course, because I would never break the laws of this great nation, which are obviously established for our protection.

-- James