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Thread: Props to Armen at DigitalWW

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    Props to Armen at DigitalWW

    I just ordered a replacement touchpanel for my crappy Lilliput.

    Armen took the time to contact me the day after the order to be sure I had ordered the correct touchpanel. It turns out there are different ones for the indash housing versus the regular Lilliput housing.

    Just like to say thanks to Armen for this great service, and providing these hard to find yet necessary products.

    I to have been frustrated by not being able to get a hold of him, but when you do, you get great service.

    PS: Lets not turn this into another long debate over the quality of service at DigitalWW, we have enough of those. I only wanted to post my recent experience.

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    I bought lilliput in dash from him. Great service. some how all the wires melted in one week i got it. And he told me to send it back and he will give me another one. and he did love the service.

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    I bought a composite lcd. I was blown away by how fast he responded to emails and sent my screen. Should have it by the end of the week, Thanks Armen!

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