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Thread: carputer install: I dare you...

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    I didnt follow the standards as far as a car pc, and I havent had so much as a glich. I went with a computer pull from a job. Its a Compaq Evo 1.5ghz. It has a power on upon power restore, so I didnt have to have a shutdown or startup controller. I run it, and all other accessories, off of a power invertor. I have a gig of pc133 ram. I went with a regular 120 gig hard drive, 5.25 size. An ATI video card with s-video and rca output, as well as the vga. I chose a Xenarc monitor, without a touchscreen. Check my site for the rest of my specs, and pictures of it all, and install. Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments.
    -Drew Taylor
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Monkey
    I'd like to call out to all carputer owners who can say 'I did it and it worked and has been working flawlessly for x number of months'
    I did it and it worked and has been working flawlessly for 62 months.
    Old Systems retired due to new car
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    As long as you work careful and knowledgeble is works perfectly. I have 4 of my friends cars testing the different system variations and they all have not even frozen or crashed ones (4 month)
    If this didnt work, i wouldnt be selling them retail, so you can feel prett safe, esspecially becasue u been reading here for 6 months
    Good Luck Buddy

    About static, get the wrist hand that takes care of that; Its not THAT important, but better safe than sorry
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    my setup has been up for about 3-4 months with no real issues. developed alternator whine about 2 months in, but a ground loop isolator fixed that right up.

    i really think it can be done.
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    My setup has been running flawlessly for about 4months (started install in Feb 04, so had a rough gestation period)

    biggest hiccup was power, once i spent the big money on a proper power supply no real issues, yeah the sound could be a little better on the top end side as I am using on board sound and cheapie amps and speakers.

    Got installed at the moment:

    Gigabyte mobo onboard video/sound/lan
    AMD XP2400+ processor
    256MB RAM
    DC/DC 170W power supply version of the liliputt (no issues !) custom moulded in dash
    BU 303 GPS
    Delta Dash OBD interface
    Griffin powermate

    Car has a dual battery system, very useful ! and the performance of the car has actually improved with this ! probably better grounds and more amps to run the electronics and fuel pump ! the std subaru battery is teeny !

    Do it you wont be sorry, but think carefully and spend money where it counts (power supply !)

    Even though I have burned out many components (95% all my clumsy fault) I would do it again tomorrow !
    Nano ITX / 512 MB / 60 GB / Panasonic slot load / M1-ATX / Bu303 / Sound blaster 24 / PPi amps / rockford sub

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Monkey
    I'd like to call out to all carputer owners who can say 'I did it and it worked and has been working flawlessly for x number of months'
    I did it and it worked and has been working flawlessly for 4 months.

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    I did it and it worked and has been working "flawlessly" for 3 months.

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    Come on
    NOBODY just installed a system and then BAM, it worked flawlessly, E-Cig Mods
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    I was worried expecting something not to work when I installed it, i set up everything in the house first and got comp running then wired up the car and hooked it up to opus and it fired up first try. I have had mine running with no real problems for almost 2 months now.
    EPIA MII-1200, 512 MB Ram, Seagate 7200 RPM 160GB hard drive, Orinoco Gold with 5.5 dB external antenna, Lilliput 7" TS, DVD-ROM, M2-ATX, Rikaline 6010 GPS, Running Frodo Player
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Monkey
    i've started reading this forum (for 6 curious months) and I have to say im actually dreading installing the thing for the first few time given the number of horror stories on this forum. I'm waiting for the screen and have spent considerable money at this point so failure mustn't be an option.

    I'd like to call out to all carputer owners who can say 'I did it and it worked and has been working flawlessly for x number of months'

    No opus started winking at me, lilliput put on a face, windows ****ed on my seats or the via poohed in its own case

    Who has done it and is living the dream. A carputer that works and has been working for a while. Does such a thing even exist?

    With so many separate devices all running together I'd imagine the likelyhood of reliable harmonious operation is small. so please prove me wrong. And if I'm right why do we do it? is there somthing wrong with carputer people? are they mentle? do they wake up in the morning and think carputer? do they walk into an electronics strore and find it difficult not to start thinking about carputer? does their woman hate carputer (cause it dosn't work)? do they not have a woman because of carputer? do they care (they have carputer after all)? do they find it hard to listen to other people in the car for thinking about carputer?do they check frodoplayer sub-forum hourly for a new release? when carputer is finished are they in denial and say 'carputer is never finished'? is carputer ever finished?
    A true carputer designer and installer will not keep the same setup for very long. They strive to better it with either hardware or software as often as they can. Even if it run perfect... there is always somethign that you want to be better. I have had several setups for the the past few years... The fist one was in 1997 when I had a huge RV power inverter in my van with a Full PC setup, 14 inch monitor next to drivers seat and full tower behind seat complete with redneck rope (Bungee cords). It worked great but damn how the headlights dimmed when I turned on that monitor! LOL
    SO yes... things can and do work... Have faith in yourself and you will see that you can do anything you want... Its not like you are treading upon new ground at this point.
    Centrafuse 3.1
    Garmin Mobile PC
    GPS, OBDII, Lilliput 629GL, Nightvision integrated video,
    Other fun stuff in works.

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