Hi All

I am hoping that someone will see this post and help me out.

My location counts against me at present, I am in South Africa and most web sites dont accept credit cards from South Africa (Mastercard/Visa/Maestro are what I got), seems there websites are only setup to ship to US/Canadian addresses or else Europe and the likes.

I am sure the fellows in Australia also run into this problem all the time.

Then the web sites that do accept the cards charge a HUGE amount for shipping.

I got a price of 120USD to ship a cappucino PC to me !!!! this is silly, and high shipping prices are typically the norm, paypal doesnt work due to our outdated banking system.

If anyone reads this please contact me mp3car at csedirect.co.za with web links etc, where I can purchase the 'stuff" at a fair price with fair shipping ?

Who knows this may lead to a win win for both of us as there is a growing interest in South Africa, but the frustrations of web shopping kill that idea for us pretty quickly.

The other option is "does anyone have a job for me ? I will gladly relocate to the US/UK or other civilised part of the planet"


rant over