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Thread: tons of pics of my setup

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    Post tons of pics of my setup

    I've had this setup for a while, but never took pics till now (BTW, the screen pics look blurry, thats cause the camera, not cause the screen.. i can read everything on the screen fine in real life):

    (yeah, i know its messy and that piece to the left of the LCD is missing, I'm working on it..)

    (copilot navigation.. kicks ***)

    (my skinned winamp, playlist on top, albumlist [modified the source code to assist with some car environment ****] on bottom)

    (rearview.. its in my driveway and its dark as hell outside.. u can barely sorta see that lex es300 on the right.. thinking bout adding some infrared LEDs to the rear of my car)

    (my infrared receivers, they dont contrast this much in real life.. left is keyboard right is remote)

    (computer.. messy as hell, will clean one day)

    (my rear view cam.. that custom red bezel thing made by me.. camera is inside.. no more trunk keylock)

    Celeron 300, 64mb ram, ATI all in wonder 128, DVD, onboard soundcard, 5.6" LCD TFT, Custom fiberglass'd by ME, UIR infrared receiver, I think logitech wireless mouse+kb, tripmate GPS receiver, some other crap..

    Hope you guys like it.. peace


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    Hey man, looks pretty nice!
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    Gone! Soon goign to repalce the screen based system i HAD with an iPod.

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    the integration of the screen is sweeeet ! i'd love to see more pics of the installand finished product if possible !
    time for the sig:

    '00 VW golf TDI upped to 130 HP - 18" RS 6 wheels - liliput 7" tft in indash housing - epia 10K - SB audigy - caliber 1 fahrad CAP - RF punch amp - hollywood 1.6K mono amp - boston acoustics pro - RF 10" DVD sub

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    what did you modify on albumlist?? Oh another thing i wanted to ask is there a way to make a call to albumlist or winamp to get the album name to display on a matrix orbital LCD using markus zhender plugin? (source code is available)

    If you can help me do that I would be supper happy
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