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Thread: SITE SLOW (please read)

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    SITE SLOW (please read)

    The network segment that the mp3car server is located on has been the subject of an extended DDos attack starting at about 6pm eastern time, the attack is shifting around to various IP(s) the the attacking IP(s) have been blocked and the IP(s) being attacked have been null routed so the site has been slow while it's been suffering through this ddos attack (of about 2-3gbps) sorry for the troubles today
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    That explains a lot. Thats why I wasn't able to connect to the site for about an hour and why the site been slow for the last few of days.
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    ahh, was woundering, cause i've been trying to connect without success till now.

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    good, I was thinkin somethin was wrong with my router
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