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Thread: replaceing woofer in a bazooka...

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    Post replaceing woofer in a bazooka...

    I think the driver on my bazooka 10" model T102A70 crapped out on me... instead of getting a replacement from bazooka can I add another woofer with similar specs?
    here are the specs I got from bazzoka:

    woofer size: 10"
    Voice Coil Size: 1.5" high power /high temp
    magnet size: 28oz
    frequency 39-1000 Hz
    efficiency 104dB
    power handling 6-200W/channel
    T102 dimensions: 20.75" X 10.3" x 12.2"
    impendance 4ohms

    I have an amplified version I think it's 70W RMS so I don't need anything expensive...
    any suggestions?
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    Same size and ohm rating, and you shouldn't have a problem. Try to get as close to the orginal specs as possible. is a good place to start for the drivers.

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    yes you can replace it with another brand, the sound may or not be the same as before (in either a good or bad way depending on how far off u go from the original specs)...

    what you do is find the cubic inches of the box (simple math) and then search for a driver that was designed for boxes of the same cubic inches (or very close) and you will be back to terrorizing the neighbors with your loud music in no time

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