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Thread: MP3 Goes Multichannel - 5.1 MP3

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    MP3 Goes Multichannel - 5.1 MP3

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    And this is when I just reasoned out that there is no need for 5.1 audio in a car since very few soundtracks i have actually are 5.1

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    I allways said 5.1 Audio is a must....And it doesn't matter if your MP3 isnt multichannel, cause good decoders are able to move the right sounds to the right speakers....Play a MP3 on WinDVD6 in Suround Sound Mode...and all the Music is played on all 4 speakers, but voices go through the center channel!

    And also alot of people like suround sound on DVD's. Not just movie DVD's....but like I have alot of DVD's for music...and watching/listning a live version of a song in 5.1 Suround Sound ROCKS!

    On another note...this is going to take a while for Music to be recorded and stored as 5.1 Audio on CD's or whatever. So we dont need any of this stuff just yet....Right now Dolby Pro Logic'ing Stereo is still can't really notice its stereo unless you focus on each speaker.

    Maybe we can make MMC2, MP3Surround Ready.
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