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Thread: Game Backups

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    Game Backups

    1)I don't want hundreds of No-CD exes.
    2)I don't want a million ghost drives and partitions on my hard drive.

    I just need a way to cut down on the amount of space that my game CDs and DVDs take up. I was thinking about putting several games on a DVD, but that doesn't really save much space, as most games are 3-4 CDs now anyway.

    Is there a good solution? Should I make a some sort of NAS and make a huge RAID array with a partition for each game? Can I run a game over a 100 mbps like that? I was thinking about making a huge CD server.... like 15 or 20 drives, but that is hard to make room for. Thoughts? It's just these CDs are taking up too much room in my bedroom.

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    Well, one sol'n for you if you don't wanna constantly swap out cd's and don't wanna use no-cd patches, then check out Daemon tools ( ). For non-comercial use, it'll emulate upto 4 cd drives for which a cd image of the origanol cd on the hard drive exists.

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