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Thread: selling car with carputer

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    selling car with carputer

    has anyone done this? since i'm selling my car this summer, my friend mentioned that i should keep the carputer in it when i sell it. obviously i'm going to have to neaten some stuff up, and probably get an indash monitor. but i could probably get a lot more money with the carputer in the car than relative to what i've actually spent on the carputer.

    for example, i estimate i spent about $1,500 on all the parts. the kbb value is about $3000 for my car. i think i might be able to sell the car privately for $5-6,000. thusly making at least $2,000 which will be used to fund the next project. (i would love more than anything to build a new system from the ground up).

    all i really need to do is get a new amp for the speakers and take the 2 amps already in there out (because i love the amps i have), get an indash lcd (looks cleaner than what i have now and will probably be cheaper by summer if i get the non-motorized), and neaten up all the wiring and build a new amp rack and computer case. i also think i'll take out the wifi antenna and adapter.

    i think the incentive for people to want my car is the navigation system, ability to watch movies and dvds, and the ability to have thousands of songs at their fingertips. along with being able to upgrade the machine endlessly.

    the only thing wrong with the car is it willhave about 154,000 miles by the time i sell it, and the sunroof is broken. otherwise its in great shape (with a few scratches here and there).

    so what does everyone think?
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    Usually mods actually decrease sale value.

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    honestly... it really depends on teh person who is buying it... and im not sure that you would get 'more than the actual cost of the carputer.'

    sorta like having a really expensive audio system in your car... when someone is looking for a car (a used car) they may not want to spend an extra grand or two just for some 'novelty.' ya know what im saying???

    and its not like a brand new bmw where the buyer is already gonna spend a bunch on money on the car... and since they are filthy rich, toss in a couple more grand for the navi system..

    i mean a 96 accord with 154,000 miles... u say kbb value is ~$3k
    just from my own person experience.. if someone is looking for a used car... they might not have alot of dough.. and they might not want , or need a carputer... (or have the money for it)

    so... i personally doubt being able to get more money for your car/system being sold as one...

    and , the way i think of it.. (as the buyer) , i am getting a used computer... and a used car... so they are both going to be worth less than the price of a new computer and new car..

    you might be better off selling the carputer seperately (right here on, or ebay) and keeping the car stock... in my opinion
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    yeah, I was going to say you'd probably be lucky to get an extra $1000 keeping the PC in...

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    Take it out would be my suggestion. I'm right now trying to sell a vehicle for 6k. And its very difficult cause every I talk to except for a very special few only can afford UPTO 5k. And once again, if someone is shopping, unless they totally fall in love with the idea, I would dought the additional money they give you will equalize the cost of parts.

    But give it a shot. Let us know how it comes out. Worst case is you can always pull the ad, take out the equipment and put the car back on the market if it is not working out too well.

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