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Thread: An Artical - GPS Law On UK Speed Cameras To Change

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    An Artical - GPS Law On UK Speed Cameras To Change

    Heres an artical from my local rag... us CarPC guys are safe me thinks.... how ever I am sure there are some UK TVRs that have laser rader checks built in.. am I wrong ? If not whats going to happern ?



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    All the more reason for Powerloc to get their act together me thinks!!!

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    Even dealers sellt he GPS devices. Saw the cyclops in a pug dealer "blackspot safetly warning gizmo"

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    Its been illegal in Australia for a while now. This year they introduced changes to take it from a $1000, 3 point fine, to a $2000, 9 point fine. If you get caught with one, there is 3/4 of your license gone. And if you happen to be speeding a little, you lose your license...

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    I'm glad they don't have them in the US yet.... and hopefully never will.

    and in the US, each state generally makes its own laws. Like radar detectors are legal everywhere except Virginia and Washington D.C. where there is strict enforcement since Many people comuting from Maryland use them. I used to just take it off the window and stick it between seats, which worked ( aside from laser )

    Hopefully areas like Australia where the stuff is still illegal will have an increase in public knowledge of technology and question the laws. Sometimes that works.

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