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Thread: DVD to Mpg, Avi Wmv Etc...

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    DVD to Mpg, Avi Wmv Etc...

    I have downloaded a few demo programs to convert DVD's to other formats they are CUMBERSON at best anyone seen a good one (DOn't worry I own the DVD's) I just have to suffer through a lot of meetings here so I like to have a few different mash or futurama shows on my PDA to make the meeting fly by)

    Would love a new program that would convert DVD straght into PocketPC format and Size AVi or MPGs the Programs I use now its is 4 steps

    Program 1 extracts the DVD
    program 2 converts it to WMV
    program 3 shrinks it
    Program 4 converts to PocketPC size and format (good quality but very slow to make ie 4 episodes of Futurama took me like 3 hours)

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    My current preference is Cyberlink Powerdirector 3 which will convert almost anything to both MPEGs AVIs and streaming files.

    And Dr. DiVX to convert almost anything (including VOBs) to DiVX AVIs.
    (Dr. DiVX even has presets for DiVX "Handheld" and DiVX "Portable")

    All you then need is a good fast ripper to obtain the original VOB files for both programs.

    Using these two I can pretty much convert most formats into most everything else!
    I tend to use them to convert Music videos into MPEG for the EPIAs hardware decoder.

    Should take your 4 stage process down to 2 at least.

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    check out you haven't already. They got some good tutorials and a slew of programs and reviews of the programs for that kind of stuff. Their forums are pretty huge too.

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    There are a few commercial products that combine all 4 of those steps. Pocket DVD Studio comes to mind. If free is what you're after, then you've already found the best solution.

    PocketDivXEncoder is also a great program, but the source file still has to already be in an MPEG or AVI container before it'll shrink it to PPC/SmartPhone size.

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