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Thread: Positioning laptop in Fiesta...

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    Positioning laptop in Fiesta...

    I have got a dc/dc converter and have setup my laptop in the car. Its lying on the passengers seat at the moment - which just doesnt cut it obviously.

    I need to get a laptop holder and just wondered if someone of you has been down this road before - maybe with a similar car (Ford Fiesta in my case) - and could let me know what you used.

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    The strong velcro they sell in Wickes or Homebase?
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    google/ebay "Laptop mount" and see whats on offer. or get strips of metal with velcro and shape to suit attached to dash.

    Im planning to seperate the two halves of my laptop- so the bottom part will go in boot/under seat and screen part mounted/velcroed to the dash. Gonna design it so it easily clips back on for normal use.

    That way its neat and tidy.

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    Yeah, i have had a google at laptop mounts but there are quite a few and i was hoping to find someone on here who had used a specific one for a fiesta/or similar small car - and one that fitted in well.

    Its important that I...

    a). secure the laptop so it doesnt hit the floor when i break hard.

    b). get it in a position so that it is a little bit in front of me right in front of stereo - and a little bit below eye level.

    So if there is any of you out there using a laptop mount in a compact car, i would like to hear from you - where you got it and how effective it is..

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