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Thread: Startup is too fast!!!

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    Ask the 9 finger monkeys to help you out with a little VB proggy. Shouldn't be that hard (I can do it but will take me a while) for a pro like him.

    BTW, but the program in the start up folder will run, but may have problem when returnning from hibernate.
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    Try using this instead of your regular dos box...

    this option is the one i was talking about:
    /HID Hides the specified window. Although a hidden window will not be shown on the taskbar, it will still run and may be unhidden later.

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    The DOS window does dissappear. When gNotify does establish a connection it promps me for a username and password, which are stored by windows. I just have to click OK or hit ENTER if its the active window. I was wishing I could make the batch file hit enter

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    Could you hardcode your IP on your computer to what the router will provide for you to make it more instant?
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    Dont know if this will help but i was bored. It's an app to launch a program after a specified amount of time. Info in the INI.
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    looks like the one Frodo posted will really do what you want. But I think setting your current IP address to static would be better. no errors and it still boots fast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EBFoxbat
    I made a batch file and tossed that in the startup folder

    ECHO Delaying gNotify start up. Please wait.
    SLEEP 1
    ECHO Delaying gNotify start up. Please wait..
    SLEEP 1
    ECHO Delaying gNotify start up. Please wait...
    SLEEP 1
    ECHO Delaying gNotify start up. Please wait.
    SLEEP 1
    ECHO Delaying gNotify start up. Please wait...
    START "gNotify" c:\gmail\gnotify.exe
    I wish there was a way to trick the file into thinking that I pressed the enter key.
    If you were going with the batch file - Instead of using "sleep" to delay, you could also "ping" the localhost (, specify how many times it should ping (or how many seconds until the bat continues), and redirect the output to nul so it doesn't echo to your screen..

    eg: ping -n 10 > nul

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