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Thread: Car Stereo problems

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    Question Car Stereo problems

    Ok, I just bought a pair of MB Quart speakers and installed them yesterday. I got the passenger side one in fine, and was hooking up the one on the driver's side. I got it all hooked up, and set it on my seat to test the sound and make sure I hooked it up right before putting it in my door.

    Head unit comes on, both speakers are working great. 5 seconds later, ALL sound from ALL my speakers cuts out. The head unit's still playing fine, and the time-elapsed on the track was still going. But no sound.. So I cut the wires and put new connectors on, and I still get the same thing.

    I don't even know where to start on this one....

    But I played around with it a bit. Just a couple interesting things I noticed, that may or may not mean anything. When I plug in the connector with all the power wires on it, the speaker on the driver's side pops. Also, when I was dicking around with it some, the black wire/pin came completely out of the harness. Just kind of fell out...

    Like I said, not sure if that means anything.

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    The black wire may be your ground wire, make sure it's connected, it's a very important wire

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    Trial and error??
    Check each thing individually...

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