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Thread: Extracting Embedded Web Video

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    Extracting Embedded Web Video

    Can anyone give me some pointers for extracting embedded video from webpages? More specifically embedded QuickTime video or Java-window embedded video.

    For stuff that's using an embedded WMP, I look at the page source, find the media file, open it in regular WMP, and then "Save Media As". This doesn't work for .mov files, or in Java windows with no menu bar to view the source.

    Also, the WMP technique only works when the actual media file is listed, but doesn't work when it's an embedded playlist, and when you're playing the embedded playlist, the "Save Media As" is not available. Is there a way to save stuff out of an embedded playlist?

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    What I do is view the source, grab the location, then place that in a simple web page containing only that link. Then I open the page, right-click on it & save the file. It's a bit of a pain, but if you want it bad enough, then it's worth it.
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