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Thread: Digital Climate Control

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    Digital Climate Control

    I've only seen ONE my entire life.. and of course that car was quite expensive. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone knew where to get parts for one, or if its possible to even make one?

    I , but probably was looking at the wrong area, I dunno.


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    Check out how your stock stuff operates and then make a plan to have motors and switches/relays control that stuff.

    my stuff probably doesnt come up on google:

    you'll find that almost all of it will have to specific to your car as there is no standard software because of all the different makes/models and what kind of hardware you would need.

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    you may also wanna take a look at this thread. plenty of info on the idea there.
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    I'll be using two phidget boards. Here's what I hope mine will end up looking like
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