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Thread: New Napster Trial

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    New Napster Trial

    Anyone else tried the new napster 14 day free trial?

    I'm a little dissapointed, some files seem to fly with download rates of 300k, while some are in the 1-2kbs transfer rate....what gives.

    Also, some band, like Carbon Leaf, even if you have the supposed "unlimited" downloads memebership, they still charge you .99 cents a song?

    Am I doing something wrong???

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    I tried it, two week trial and cancelled it after 6 days. I really liked the download speed (600kB/sec for me). I didn't like that some downloads had errors and Napster didn't redownload them automatically. The selection of music was decent, but I still was missing some of my favorite bands like Tool. I also found it awkward that some songs were $.99 while others were not; especially annoying when I was trying to download an entire album and found a single track was no free to subscription. I suppose after writing all of this that you are doing nothing wrong, only feeling the weaknesses of Napster. I'm sure eventually it will get better, but I will not resubscribe to find out.

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    Yup, not all songs are available for subscription. Which is too bad, I think the subscription model can really work, but they're trying to have their cake and eat it too.

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