I was at work trying to get information for my customer on one of the LaCie external hardrives, and noticed this on the LaCie site:

LaCie silverscreen 80GB - USB 2.0

Play Multimedia On A TV With LaCie silverscreen Hard Drive

* Up to 80GB multimedia hard drive for movies, photos or music
* Plug directly into a TV for instant viewing, no computer needed
* Store and view up to 14 MPEG-2 or 80 MPEG-4 videos on 80GB drive
* Play back movies, music and photos on any TV
* Hi-Speed USB powered to store, backup and archive data
* Portable entertainment center for family, friends, or traveling
* Easy on-TV-screen navigation with user-friendly remote control
* Ultra-quiet, pocket-sized, light-weight and slim design

Yes, no GPS or navigation, but if all you are doing is music and movies, this may make sense for you, espeically with the retail at $299 for the 80GB version. My general work discount with CDW is showing $290.15 at Fortune 500 level pricing.

Would you try this in your car? Think its hackable? Discuss!